A civilian’s look at police after Boston.

I’m talking about the words of The Wise Guy, who has written about his change in perspective thanks to the actions of Richard Donohue and Sean Collier during the Boston Marathon bombing. (As a reminder, Donohue was critically wounded and even died for 45 minutes, while Collier was killed in a shootout with Tsarnev earlier that day.) You can read it here: The Next Time You Think “I Don’t Like Cops”

Now, obviously if you’re here, you’re in one of two camps on police: love ’em or hate ’em. (I’m in the former, which I guess you could figure out.) But the written expression by a civilian, otherwise uninvolved with officers, is powerful to me. Not only is it amazing to read about a civilian showing respect for an officer anymore, it’s so heart-warming to know someone is actively and openly talking about it. That’s how word is spread – someone has to start the conversation.

If you’re a LEOW like me, don’t be surprised if you break into tears, like I did. All I can say to The Wise Guy is Thank You. Thank you for being brave enough to share a publically averse opinion so eloquently – like the officers that we love so much do every day.

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