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In with the new.

In 2012, we moved back to Georgia. My husband got on with a local department. We got two new (to us) vehicles, and kept up with the bills.

We welcomed our first son. I found something that I love doing, and I made it happen.

We also found out our beloved GSD has lupus. I wrecked our Crown. The department (or the city) hasn’t been the greatest. I spent more time in the hospital than I ever have in my life, and I have recently suffered some medical issues, yet undiagnosed, that have been making life very difficult.

Every year has its ups and downs. Here’s hoping 2013 is no worse than 2012.

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My husband is a blessing.

My husband is a treat. Last night, after all the family had left post-FIL’s graduation party, he claps me on the shoulders and kisses me on the forehead. “You’re a good wife.” Okay… Thanks… “You are. And an awesome mom.” Sometimes, he knows just what I need to hear. And then this morning, I wake up to this:


The whole receipt is scribbled out. Written at the top, “CHRISTMAS DON’T ASK”. God love him.

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Some things defy explanation.

I had all intentions of talking about cleaning, organizing life.

But today, my voice is quiet. Please kiss your babies, and hug your husband when he’s home from his shift. You never know.


So, make housework easier.

I said yesterday that I didn’t like doing housework because I wasn’t good at it. So I looked into FlyLady and found that maybe it’s not so bad after all – when you do it right.


Here’s a picture of my shiny sink. That’s the first baby steps in FlyLady lessons: shine your sink, so you can get a sense of accomplishment. When I first looked at FlyLady, I passed it off because I thought it was kinda stupid, but now that I have a baby, 4 dogs, and 3 adults to take care of it may not be so bad after all. It’s a big house, and there’s a lot of work to do on a daily basis. I can’t do it all in a day, not to say I haven’t tried.

In two days, I’ve done dishes, done a load of laundry a day, put away clothes, taken care of the dogs, and all my other usual daily activities. You start off easy with basic habits, like shining your sink everyday and getting “dressed to shoes” (which is making sure that you put on all your clothes and your makeup and do your hair before you ever get started in the morning). It’s really amazing noticing a difference that you feel in between wearing jeans and tennis shoes to get all your stuff done, versus wearing same pajama pants you wear to bed.

Not that I don’t love my pajama pants. But they’re not conducive to productivity.

The trick, if you decide to try FLYing (or already do), is to not get wrapped up in the imperfections – the scratches in the stainless steel of your kitchen sink, the old stain in the toilet bowl, that rough patch in the floor that never seems to buff out. Do the best you can. Go for clean, not perfect. It’s not about the destination, its about the path.

Go shine your sink. If you’re like me, you will feel better immediately.

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I am not a good housewife.

I would suck as a maid. I don’t dust, I hate to vacuum. My most hated chore is folding and putting away laundry, mostly the folding. The putting away irritates me because it all ends up in a pile in drawers, and then how can I put away Tue rest?

It wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t feel like such a disappointment to my husband.

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