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Shocking News! Police are people, too.

I love it when people take precious time to inform me that all police are assholes/thieves/power-mongers that only write tickets for a power jag; waste gas and taxpayer money by riding around aimlessly or sitting at the department; got into the job for the gun and badge; and so on. Usually, these are the same people that ask for a favor from my husband (no matter what jurisdiction they are/were in compared to his) once they find out he’s a cop. The same self-important assholes that rail against how unfair their ticket was, they were only going 68 in a 45, how dare that smug sonovabitch waste their time, don’t they know there are people out there shooting up gas stations?! The same self-righteous SOBs who explain that they were unfairly arrested a month or so ago when they only had a couple of drinks, that road sign had to have been new, and that trooper was hiding in the median – and wants to know if my husband might could get the charge reduced, even though my husband is a city officer and has no state jurisdiction, because all cops must know each other on an intimate personal basis.

Guess what, you self-satisfied jackwagon: if you didn’t break the law, my husband (and all his brothers and sisters in law enforcement) wouldn’t have jobs to do. So I guess I should thank you, my dear, for making sure my husband is employed. Continue reading

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