I watch too much BBC lately.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby comes out with an odd accent. Welsh or Irish or sommat. My morning routine now involves at least two hours of The Graham Norton Show, and maybe an hour of Doctor Who (11th Doctor). Seems healthier than watching some of the crap on standard American television – Hoda and Kathie Lee? Good Morning, America? No bloody thank you.

When I was younger, I watched a lot of Absolutely Fabulous, Monty Python and Faulty Towers. I had a tendency to get ‘stuck’ in an accent. Did/Does that happen to anyone else? I once got stuck in a Scottish accent in my high school Spanish class and nearly got sent out of class! It wasn’t my fault. I just couldn’t remember how to get back to an American tone. I’m preferential to Eastern Euro accents – I’ve never been partial to anything from the Eastern Bloc, say, or Mediterranean.

I was always afraid I’d meet someone from Britain or Wales and thoroughly embarrass myself talking to them. Fortunately, it never happened, but I still worry it could one of these days. Blessedly, I think I’m over it. For the most part.

What’s your favorite accent?


One thought on “I watch too much BBC lately.

  1. I use to watch BBC America most of the times now I watch Doctor who on You tube everyday my accent changes sometimes.

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